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    Crypto30® Index is an open, published, rules-based index of the top 30 crypto currencies by market capitalization.

    Innovative: Launched January 1, 2017, Crypto30® is one of the first professional crypto currency indices and is designed to adapt as the market evolves, following industry-standard rules of index construction, as adapted for crypto currencies.

    Transparent: Crypto30® is constructed using an open, published, rules-based methodology in an effort to be as transparent as possible.

    Representative: Crypto30® is constructed to be objective and comprehensive, with coverage of the 30 largest crypto currencies by market capitalization.

    Current: The methodology applied to calculate the Crypto30® is re-weighted and balanced on a monthly basis.

    Accurate; Practical: The Crypto30® index is intended to accurately represent its constituent underlying crypto currencies and provide a practical analytical tool to crypto currency market participants.

    Goals: Crypto30® strives to be objective, replicable and transparent.

    Investment Limitations. There is no mechanism to invest in the Crypto30® Index directly. However, financial instruments may be designed which mirror the performance of the Index. No warranty is given as to the ability of such instruments to successfully mirror the movements of the Crypto30® Index