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    Crypto Asset Fund (CAF) is an open-end private fund launched in July 2017 with an objective to preserving capital while also generating capital appreciation for U.S. and non-U.S. high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.

    Crypto Asset Fund executes a long-only, diversified, investment program focused on a wide range of high-quality digital assets which it employs in yield-generating strategies within the crypto sector. CAF’s objective is to capture long-term appreciation from its investment portfolio while simultaneously generating competitive yield. To generate this yield, CAF utilizes several methods[1], primarily staking and liquidity provision, and diversifies its investment mix within each to further mitigate risk. Yields have historically been very steady. Price appreciation increases underlying performance, which is compounded by past earnings. This approach results in reduced downside and accelerated upside. CAF generally holds positions for an extended duration and does not use leverage. CAF is denominated in US Dollars (“USD”).

    [1]CAF may engage in non-proof of work mining and lending, as well as explore other yield-generating opportunities as they arise within the crypto space to further diversify its portfolio and capture additional returns.