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    Crypto Asset Fund (CAF) is an open-end private fund launched in July 2017 with an objective to preserving capital while also generating capital appreciation for U.S. and non-U.S. high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.*

    Class A : Class A actively trades digital assets see and is denominated in US Dollars (“USD”).

    Class F : Class F is focused on yield farming, staking and mining to provide steady, high-yield, while minimizing market exposure (not “market neutral”, but “market minimal”) and is denominated in US Dollars (“USD”).

    Class X : Class X seeks to achieve CAF’s investment objective by liquidating its long-term, VC-like assets as soon as practical given the dynamics of each project and token price. Of over 250 funds that report performance to Crypto Fund Research, Class X has been awarded, “#1 Overall Top Performing Crypto Fund” for 2021! Class X is denominated in US Dollars (“USD”) and is not currently open to investors.